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Hi everyone! I just found out that you can post from your phone so that's what I'm doing. Hi Papaw! I can' t wait until school starts! I can't believe I'll be in 4th grade! Time just goes by so fast, huh?

Well see ya'!

- Littlmissj

sorry I haven't posted in a while

Hi everyone! I had so much fun in Switzerland! yay, Summer!!!!!!! Does anybody have a bottle of water?



I am so excited for so many reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- littlemissj

blink, the weekend's gone

Nothing is really goin' on. The weekend went by so fast. Oh wait! No it hasn't! It's SATURDAY night! We had a garage sale. I write in a diary. I'm bored. We had cupcakes tonight. Good. Bye. -Little miss J.


Yay! it's official! I'm going to Suisse this summer!

-little miss j


does anyone read this blog? Please comment if you do!

Writer's Block: Lost in Time

Have you ever lost track of time in a way that got you in BIG trouble? How?

My new favorite quote

This is my new favorite quote. i hope you like it!

"Don't tell me 'the sky's the limit!' when I know there are footprints on the moon!"

-Some Guy I Saw On The Back Of A Juicebox

(I don't remember his name)


Writer's Block: Will he or won't he?

I don't know. maybe he really can predict "the future," I mean, dogs and cats can predict earthquakes i think. I remember once, my dog sort of put her ears back and my cat went under the table and then.... BOOM! an earthquake.

Writer's Block: Will he or won't he?

i don't think he can actually tell if it's time for spring,but it is kind of a relief for me if he doesn't see his shadow, and a bummer if he does.